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Commercial Insurance

Your business will have access to a professional, knowledgeable insurance team, with whom you can work in partnership and build a long term and reliable business relationship.

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What is Commercial Insurance?

Commercial Insurance, or sometimes referred to as Business Insurance is a type of insurance cover that can offer protection to your business in the wake of any unfortunate events, including potential risks and possible liability claims. If a customer, client or employee makes a claim against you or your business, having the right Commercial Insurance policies in place can help to protect you.

Commercial Insurance can play a vital role in protecting businesses across Stockport, Cheshire, Greater Manchester and other businesses up and down the UK.

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Why do you need Commercial Insurance?

Having Commercial Insurance is a vital necessity for businesses of any shape, size, or industry. This insurance can offer protection against everyday risks that could arise during operations such as: stock or premises damage, legal costs and personal injury. Additionally, Commercial Insurance also provides coverage for potential liability claims that might arise from injuries to customers or third parties, property damage caused by the business, or any legal actions taken against the company.

Having Commercial Insurance can help to ensure the smooth running of operations within the business. Commercial insurance offers significant advantages for businesses operating in a wide range of industries, including retail and hospitality, manufacturing, fleet and haulage, contract cleaners, property and landlord, among others.

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Occupied Property Insurance

Whether you’re a new buy-to-let landlord or an established landlord with a portfolio of properties, you may benefit from the Property Insurance solutions that we’re able to provide. Having Property Insurance can be beneficial if you own houses, accommodation, block of flats, purpose-built or converted flats, shops, offices, retail units, warehouses and industrial units. This cover can help to protect you or your business against any financial losses that may occur in the wake of unexpected events such as: damage, theft or vandalism to the occupied property.

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Unoccupied Property Insurance

Properties which become empty or vacant for more than 30 consecutive days typically require Unoccupied Property Insurance. As a property owner, there may be many reasons as to why your property has been left unoccupied. This could be due to: home renovation, if you are selling the property, a landlord could have a gap in the tenancy, extended holidays, long-term illness and houses pending sale. Unoccupied Home Insurance covers your home if it’s left empty for longer than a standard property or home insurance policy allows. Therefore having Unoccupied Property Insurance can be advantageous if you plan on or do have properties left unattended for more than 30 days, as these properties are more susceptible to risks such as: fires, theft and other hazards.

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On the High Street

By definition, ‘On the High Street’ means that we can deal with any typical Business Insurance requirements, where a business is located on the High Street. Whether your high street business is based on our doorstep in Stockport, Cheshire or further across the UK, we can help to find you the right insurance policy for your needs. This type of insurance cover could cater to the unique needs and risks faced by businesses operating in this bustling and competitive environment. High street insurance policies typically offer comprehensive coverage for property damage, liability, business interruption, and theft or loss of stock.

Here at Thompson Brothers, we can offer 'High street Insurance' to businesses such as:
Food and Sandwich shops, Discount/Pound shops, Pubs, Cafes and Restaurants, Hospitality Businesses, Retail Shops, Accountants, Solicitors, Offices and more.


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Manufacturing Insurance

Whatever the size of your manufacturing business, and whether you are involved in the production or the fabrication, we can arrange cover that is right for your unique insurance needs. The manufacturing sector as a whole can pose various risks, such as: damage, accidental injury, theft or vandalism. Manufacturing premises encounter substantial daily risks, ranging from business interruption and loss of license to goods in transit. Additionally, there is the potential for third-party injuries such as falls or contact with moving equipment, leading to costly claims for your business. Industrial Insurance, specifically tailored for manufacturers, acts as protection against these frequent yet significant incidents, providing a crucial safety net.

Manufacturing Insurance can cover:
  • Business Buildings Insurance
  • Contents, Machinery and Equipment
  • Commercial Business Insurance
  • Business Interruption
  • Machinery Insurance
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Contract Cleaners Insurance

Contract Cleaners Insurance is essential for businesses that provide cleaning services to various clients. No matter the specialism of your contract cleaning business, there are substantial risks that can come alongside it. Here at Thompson Brothers Insurance, we can offer Contract Cleaning Insurance, tailored to your needs. You may benefit from obtaining Contact Cleaners Insurance if you work in any of the following sectors: Private Residential Properties, Office Buildings, Shops, Hotels, Schools, Public Houses, Carpet Cleaners, and External Window Cleaners.

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Fleet and Haulage Insurance

It is crucial to have sufficient Fleet or Haulage Insurance for your vehicles and company to protect you against any unforeseen risks and potential liabilities. Fleet Insurance is easier to keep track of as you could have just one renewal date and one policy to worry about. The flexibility of Fleet Insurance allows for easy additions or removals of vehicles from the policy throughout the year, helping to ensure that your cover is always up to date. Haulage vehicles, due to their size and weight, can result in significantly greater damage in the event of accidents. Therefore having your vans, lorries and freight vehicles adequately insured is of utmost importance as it can help to protect businesses and operators of haulage vehicles against risks associated with transported goods over vast distances such as theft, road traffic accidents and damage.

Streamline your insurance

We can arrange multiple insurance policies to have a common renewal date - meaning you don't have to remember what is insured, and who it is insured with. Manage all your insurance with one easy renewal date, and one set of contact details!